The Rochdale Canal – the middle bit

Having left you with promises of a better canal after the climb out of Manchester, I have to say that the Rochdale has delivered as we reach the summit and start descending.

from Littleborough to Todmorden

This stretch of canal, despite the difficult locks and shallow parts, is one of the most beautiful that I have visited. Not only has the s scenery been amazing, as you can see from the photos, I have also enjoyed some excellent company. I have shared locks, and pubs, with two different boats and their occupants, making it the most social canal I have visited. Next I move on to Sowerby Bridge and will have to make up my mind where ~I am going next. The Rochdale Canal is currently closed behind me (part of one of the locks is broken). The Leeds and Liverpool is open again but travelling it will have to be at breakneck speed. The Huddersfield Narrow has a long, narrow, low tunnel and I need to check and see if the boat will fit through!

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