Langley Mill

Welcome to my current town of residence, Langley Mill. Situated on the edge of Derbyshire it is about halfway between the county towns of Derby and Nottingham.

Langley Mill lock looking towards the Great North Basin

Here two former canals (the Cromford (ahead) and the Nottingham (to the right) joined the Erewash (behind us). It is as far north as you can go on the Leicester branch of the Grand Union canal. There was indeed a mill here once and it made ‘Langley Ware’ pottery.

I have been here since mid October and planned to stay until the end of February, though I am hankering to get on the move again! These ‘winter moorings’ have meant that I can do some driving work locally and have access to water and electricity during the winter months. That said, the weather hasn’t been that bad yet.

The southern end of the Cromford Canal

Almost hidden beyond the turning point above the lock in the previous picture is Monica’s mooring. It has been a great place to stay, though the business premises next to me starts work at 0600 each morning. Lucky I am usually awake by then.

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